Frequently Asked Questions

Does the particle have a polystyrene core?

There is no polymer core inside the particle. Unlike most particles in the market, which use polymer core as the size template, MagSense particles are prepared by the direct assembly of magnetic nanoparticles. The removal of the polymer core gives the particles an extremely high magnetic loading.

How can I sterilize the particle?

The particles can be sterilized by rinsing briefly with 75% ethanol. The particles can also be autoclaved at 120°C for 20min. No particle aggregation is observed after autoclave. However, oxidization of the magnetic material can happen.

What is the range of pH the particles can tolerate?

The particles can be used at pH 2-10. The particles may show aggregation in salt solution at high or low pH. The aggregation is reversible when the pH is brought back to neutral.