PCRBIO Hot Start Taq DNA Polymeras

20 hot start Taq and 40 x 1 ml buffer

5000U / unit

Brand: PCR Biosystems

  • Patented hot start technology for unmatched detection of low copy templates
  • Increased PCR success rates with amplicons up to 6 kb
  • Advanced buffer chemistry including Mg and dNTP
  • High throughputs under standard and rapid PCR conditions
  • Efficient specific amplification from complex templates including GC-rich and AT-rich sequences
  • Ultra-low background DNA
  • Also available with red dye for direct gel loading or as a polymerase with separate reaction buffer


PCR Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase from Genesee Scientific uses advanced antibody-mediated hot-start technology for superior sensitivity. Whether you need a hot start assay for high throughput, automated reaction setup, or for the detection of a low copy number template, PCR Biosystems offers an industry-leading robust enzyme to meet your needs. “Hot start” is a term used to describe the inactivation of a DNA polymerase up to the initial activation step at 95 ° C.

Inactivation below 65 ° C prevents primer dimer formation and non-specific amplification, resulting in which allows specific amplification from low copy number target sequences. Our proprietary small-molecule hot start technology offers higher specificity and sensitivity compared to other methods. PCR Hot Start DNA Polymerase uses the latest advances in polymerase technology and buffers chemistry to improve the speed, performance, and specificity of PCR. The buffer and enzyme system enables superior PCR performance on complex templates such as mammalian genomic DNA. PCR Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase can perform consistently well on a wide range of templates (including those rich in GC and AT).

Packaging: 20 x 50ul HS Taq DNA Polymerase and 40 x 1ml 5x Reaction Buffer

Quantity: 5000U / Unit

Error rate: 1 error per 2.0 x 10 ^ 5 built-in nucleatides

Storage: between -30 and -15 ° C

Compare to: Platinum ™ Taq, DreamTaq ™ Hot Start Taq, NEB EpiMark® Hot Start Taq, Promega GoTaq® Hot Start

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